Wonder what would happen if someone used the FOIA on the PSA? That process is farcical too. When I tried that back in 2020 to get them to show proof of COVID virus existing, the fucktards just hemmed and hawed and pencil pushed the topic, ending in "The Tropical Institute of Research Medicine has the data you need but oops, sorry, they're not under the FOIA coverage so too bad".

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Hi Angie. I have FOID the PSA in the past. They were typically helpful with compiling and consolidating and even expanding on data that had already been released.

They did confirm for me the effectivity of the 2021 data and they did indicate that the data would be updated to a final report in 2024.

I have tried to FOI regarding the release of 2023 data. That FOI was ignored. So we wait and see.

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