The donated doses have "no unknown side effects"!??? So all 1300 side effects are known, and nothing new has emerged then, or are they just not looking? I probably shouldn't answer that question...

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My question is who the hell thinks 1300 side effects is acceptable...well I guess we know and some of those people are in the ground now.

So how many side effects would be too many...1301, 5000, 10,000 or is it a matter of - if you can't fit the vial in the box, because of the mass of side effects warning pages..."that's too many"??

I had this thought the other day...I know we all are saying this is a herd culling operation, by evil people - but do you ever wonder if it's mother nature on a macro level - getting rid of the animal/people who keep eating the pensioned mushroom, even though there are dead bodies all around those fields of mushrooms??? The ones who won't see or heed the obvious warnings, have to be cleansed from the eco system???

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Thanks for the reporting. I don't often comment but I do read.

re: "I was curious as to why Lithuania did not want their precious bivalent doses."

[insert here GIF of cartoon laughing hyena]

P.S. Here's a recent transcript of a jab-injury testimony-- I've got loads more.


Vaccine injury young mother

DownTheRabbitHole ( at ) CTSoldier, Posted January 8, 2022



YOUNG MOTHER: After I received Moderna in March. People like me exist. And the reason that you're not hearing about it is because we're being censored. I have my whole life in front of me. I have two children that wish that I was the way that I was before, which is something that they're never going to get back. Before my diagnosis of first onset multiple sclerosis after vaccination, my meds, the ones that did get approved, are over 6,000 dollars a month.

Social media and the government try to brush people like me under the rug. I've always had a heart to speak out about things that were not right. It's an injustice on a large scale. All these nurses and other people working, dealing with this mandate when this is not a one-size-fit-all situation.

When you're not right away disclosing information, you are not receiving informed consent. I wish that I would have known that demyelinating disease could occur after vaccination. It was nothing I'd ever heard of prior to my illness. And there are much more adverse events that are happening that you're not hearing about. I'm not a super statistic. I don't want to be treated like one. I don't want to be censored anymore. I'm going to keep speaking about what's happened to me and trying to do my part to let you know this can happen, and it is happening, and we are real, and we do exist.



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From: "The Testimonies Project: Yehiel's Testimony"


"Experiencing severe neurological injury that includes tinnitus, hearing loss, weakening of the right hand and foot, severe headaches, spasms, muscle jumps, impaired language and memory."

April 26, 2022


This testimony was in Hebrew; the transcription is of the English translation that appears on the video, to which I added some punctuation in order to make it easier to follow.


YEHIEL: My name is Yehiel, I am 48. When all the vaccination issue rose, my wife got vaccinated first. I was hesitating because I already have a few background issues. I have autoimmune disease—I suffer from Crohn's. I waited to see how it affects other people. My dad, mom, sister, everybody got vaccinated. One month, two months had passed, and I saw everyone is fine. I said—let's get it done. I want to go to the gym. I want to be able to enter everywhere. I'm also self-employed working with different brands I need to visit. All of them demanded a green pass. I will get the shot, my body is strong and I can overcome anything.

I got the first shot. Seven days later I put my head on the pillow (at nighttime) I heard a very strong hiss inside my head for a few seconds, then it stopped. I didn't do anything, only was attentive to that. The next morning I got to the office. While working I felt a sharp pain inside my head (left side), so sharp I had to lay down. During the next two days I had to lay down I couldn't stand and I also had weakness in my brain. I was sure that was a stroke. I went to see a neurologist. I made an urgent appointment. He checked my reflexes and pupils. He said everything looks fine. If things get worse— turn to ER.

I went on going, not suspecting anything. I asked him if this could be a result of the vaccine. He said no way, that's nonsense. Everything is fine. How many children do you have? All is well.

And then three weeks had passed... The second shot... I wasn't scared, I didn't think it was related... I took the second shot and about 7 days after the second shot I heard, as if from a distance, a hiss in my ear. I thought— this is impossible, maybe my ear is dirty. I tried to shake my ear, to activate my jaws as if chewing bubble-gum. I thought— what could this be? I will wait for it to pass.

Quite rapidly, within a day or two, the hiss became very loud. I could not ignore it. I could hardly hear what people said to me because it was very disturbing. Later I found out that's what's called Tinnitus.

A few days later I went to see an ENT doctor. Her diagnosis was a problem in the joints of my jaws and recommended going to a dentist. The dentist and his colleague (an oral expert) examined me and said the mouth is healthy. Went back to the ENT doctor and said I think my hearing got poorer. She sent me to a hearing test. Although a light to mediocre (deterioration) but in significant frequencies, I felt I had a deterioration of my hearing.

A week after the tinnitus started in my left ear I hearing the hissing in my right ear. That was around Passover, we went on holiday with the kids. While sitting in the car the noise the kids made was impossible for me to bear. I couldn't understand.. It was as if someone took off my natural protection that seems to be in the ears against loud noises. As if the adjustment the brain does to regulate the outside noise does not exist. If a kid shouts, it gets right into my brain. It is pain I can't define. It is only later I understood this is called noise sensitivity— Hyperacusis. Hyperacusis—noise sensitivity. I went to the ENT doctor, I did a comprehensive hearing test. The final diagnosis was a significant damage to the ears.

6 months after the second shot my ears are hissing and it gets louder and louder. When I am exposed to loud noise, if I attend an event or after a weekend with the kids I get the the point where I can't... I almost get crazy. I manage to somehow absorb this and stay steady. Nobody... whenever I complain... whoever, friends... Nobody got hurt. Could it be your imagination? Maybe you are stressed from COVID or the vaccine? I don't think we get the same vaccine. People were not damaged. Me...

After the tinnitus appeared I felt pressure around my ears and in addition my neck felt rigid. When I look back, from my first shot until today approximately 6 months have passed, all that time I suffer pain inside my head 24/7. It started from my neck and spread to the head such pain that I don't know where to out myself... And this is accompanied by confusion, loss of memory, difficulty in concentration. While talking to someone I might not recall what the conversation is about. I am so scared to lose the focus in a conversation that if I am asked an extra question I prefer to ignore it. Or if someone comes suddenly... This was my survival level during those months. And my brain is my primary tool when I work. I am self-employed in the field of software.



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One more:

From the censored and shadow-banned April 20, 2022 press conference in which Minnesota Representative Glenn Gruenhagen Introduces HF2348 - A resolution to create a COVID-19 vaccine bill of rights.




KRISTIE ESTES: Hi my name is Kristie Estes and I've lived in St. Paul since 1981 in the same house. I have three grown children and my husband is a retired accountant. And I hope that's earned me residential status because coming over from South Dakota. I know it takes a long time.


I received two Moderna covid vaccines in late February and March 2021. One shot right, one shot left. I was an active senior. No pre-existing medical conditions. Did all my own yard work and housework. For nearly 5 years did kettlebell strength training three times a week. No joint or muscle pain. No prescriptions. All that suddenly changed.

My first vaccine reaction was a splotchy rash on my right arm, day three. Ten days after each shot severe leg pain. About the time of my April 12 66th birthday my toes turned black and blue as I was attempting to sit in the bathtub. Weird, I thought. At kettlebells I starting saying, I can't believe how stiff I am. Then it started becoming nearly impossible to get up off the floor.

Then a big wham. The last day of April I awoke with terrible hand pain, right and left, stabbing, throbbing electrical joints, pins and needles, overall numbness.

Soon after an EMG test in May, the bell-weather test for muscle response, showed bilateral carpal tunnel, needing surgery, that had appeared overnight with no previous symptoms. The EMG doctor had ever seen this before.

Saw the hand surgeon in July. And he also hadn't encountered this sudden bilateral carpal tunnel emergency. He has done more than 10,000 carpal tunnel surgeries.

My rheumatologist appointment wasn't available until September. The Mayo Clinic revealed that rheumatologists are the doctors in shortest national supply. An email form letter from our state's esteemed clinic declined me as a patient, said I could be served with local medical resources to solve my then mystery ailment.

Spent last summer mostly indoors sitting a recliner. Quit driving, wore hand splints. Lost 20% of my body weight, mostly muscle, in a few weeks. Severe fatigue and pain. Trouble swallowing and low walking stability.

Then I met Suzanna* on the Mississippi River. She was also deep in her own adverse vaccine reaction. Her insistence that I go to the University of Minnesota Emergency Room was a game-changer.

My tests showed problems including a 40 fold inflammation increase. I had feet that were grotesquely swollen. They looked like boxes. And I have narrow feet.

My rheumatology appointment was moved to August. My university of rheumatologist diagnosed myositis, an autoimmune disorder, the day of my first appointment. And that is a feat. It is a rare progressive disease and my type is polymyositis,** meaning many muscles. It mimics ALS with added chronic pain. It greatly increases cancer risk. Suspected causes include drugs, viruses, and vaccines.

My disease progressed in days and weeks after my covid vaccine.

The usual time frame for diagnosing myositis is 3 and a half years.

No cure. It is lifelong and requires strong meds. Many of them are not even FDA approved for myositis.

Covid vaccines and the virus have increased the incidence of myositis worldwide. The Myositis Association*** is surveying members about their experiences and international myositis experts are studying this connection.

I now have a cane, a walker, and a Minnesota handicap tag. Muscles throughout my body are withering away. No meds have yet worked to contain my condition. Completed two endoscopic carpal tunnel surgeries on the past month. That was a slick process, though.

What a difference a year and a pair of vaccines can make in a life. Thank you. Sincerely, Kristie.



# # #


*Suzanna Newell, vaccine injured advocate. Her testimony in this same press conference is at this link:


**For more about polymyositis:


***Myositis Association https://www.myositis.org/

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And another--

From the April 20, 2022 press conference in which Minnesota Representative Glenn Gruenhagen Introduces HF2348 - A resolution to create a COVID-19 vaccine bill of rights.

Posted April 29, 2022



KATE ZERBY: Hello my name is Kate. I'm here as one of the covid-19 vaccine injured needing to be seen and heard. Those of us who had a severe reaction know our vaccine dates by heart.

I don't have to look at my card. On February 16th 2021 at 3:30 PM my life changed forever. It's even difficult for me to say those words without getting emotional, and if I could, in 2 seconds flat, I would go back and untake the one and only dose of Moderna that I had.

I missed three days of work after my vaccine and had symptoms I can only describe as scary. Dizziness and head pressure after days of headaches, swollen lymph nodes, weird bruising and rashes. I didn't go for my second dose as I was dizzy that day.

The doctors I consulted didn't seem to know what to say. I had to go by my gut. There were no agencies to advise me. I was later found to have heart enlargement and atrial fibrillation that I never had before, an abrupt change that my doctor felt, along with everything I had been dealing with, had to have come from the vaccine, and she told me, thank God you didn't get the second one.

Fourteen months later I am still trying to get well. I went from a super active hiking in winter and a boundary waters area canoe wilderness girl who never sat down to someone trying to get back to being able to walk without resting and struggling to complete hikes without pain. We canceled our BWCA [Boundary Waters Canoe Area] trip last summer because of me. We had wondered if we need a travel wheelchair when walking multiple days in a foreign city. Will I be able to go the BWCA this summer if my kids carry my gear?

I have struggled since that February 2021 day to be me again. I am now starting to feel somewhat better, hallelujah, but I am not there yet. I still struggle with bone and joint pain and heart palpitations and other symptoms. You can't see my daily life, but I never have a day without symptoms. I have a private doc, lab work, a VAERS* report by my doctor, and other things that show the trials that I have been through in the last year. I am lucky, I was able to at least get some help. But I am otherwise invisible to society. As I struggle with something that has upended my life, people can't imagine this could be real.

I'm trying not to be angry but it is difficult, very difficult. Our scientists and doctors still don't know what causes long covid, yet somehow we think absolutely everyone in the population is going to react exactly the same way to a novel process where you yourself make just one protein from the virus inside your own cells that you then attack. We can't get everyone to safely take the same meds or get all people to be able to digest the gluten protein without harm. It's not logical that we would all react the same.

And somebody should be watching and doing something about these reactions. Why isn't that happening?

Sometimes I want to give up. But I know I need to speak out. We should always speak for truth and justice. And I end with this scripture.

What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8.

Thank you.



# # #


For this April 20, 2022 press conference's introduction with Patti Carroll, Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Council Minnesota, and Minnesota Representative Glenn Gruenhagen,



For the current status of this bill see:


*VAERS is the US government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System


Note: https://openvaers.com/covid-data provides VAERS data in a more reader-friendly presentation

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What was that? "The Campaign to stop the spread of infection" Didn't BigPharma admit that the jabs never stopped the spread of infection?

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Cdcph has links at ww.cdcph.org.

How I pray that people will wake up. Hopefully demand has also tanked in the Philippines. We need to remind of the risks of over vaccination (which in this case could well mean any vaccination). We need to empower people that all they need to do is to say no! https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/repeated-covid-19-vaccination-weakens-immune-system-study_5305770.html?utm_source=healthtop5noe&src_src=healthtop5noe&utm_campaign=htop5-2023-06-04&src_cmp=htop5-2023-06-04&utm_medium=email&est=FM3fJ0fxzJNDoponqOoW8bnRqqKybKOTzwrfc1eui5YFL98bpfxLJQ9kzB27weLIbikOLA%3D%3D

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