The donated doses have "no unknown side effects"!??? So all 1300 side effects are known, and nothing new has emerged then, or are they just not looking? I probably shouldn't answer that question...

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Thanks for the reporting. I don't often comment but I do read.

re: "I was curious as to why Lithuania did not want their precious bivalent doses."

[insert here GIF of cartoon laughing hyena]

P.S. Here's a recent transcript of a jab-injury testimony-- I've got loads more.


Vaccine injury young mother

DownTheRabbitHole ( at ) CTSoldier, Posted January 8, 2022



YOUNG MOTHER: After I received Moderna in March. People like me exist. And the reason that you're not hearing about it is because we're being censored. I have my whole life in front of me. I have two children that wish that I was the way that I was before, which is something that they're never going to get back. Before my diagnosis of first onset multiple sclerosis after vaccination, my meds, the ones that did get approved, are over 6,000 dollars a month.

Social media and the government try to brush people like me under the rug. I've always had a heart to speak out about things that were not right. It's an injustice on a large scale. All these nurses and other people working, dealing with this mandate when this is not a one-size-fit-all situation.

When you're not right away disclosing information, you are not receiving informed consent. I wish that I would have known that demyelinating disease could occur after vaccination. It was nothing I'd ever heard of prior to my illness. And there are much more adverse events that are happening that you're not hearing about. I'm not a super statistic. I don't want to be treated like one. I don't want to be censored anymore. I'm going to keep speaking about what's happened to me and trying to do my part to let you know this can happen, and it is happening, and we are real, and we do exist.



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The evil depop program continues apace. Pinoys better stop taking these! Evil, corrupt DOH! How can one donate to CDCPH? Thanks for your excellent continuing reports, Super Sally!

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What was that? "The Campaign to stop the spread of infection" Didn't BigPharma admit that the jabs never stopped the spread of infection?

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