This is incredibly damning.

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I noticed in Norway that when parents got their Cov vax children started getting Cov. Other adults got Cov too. Precious to the vax only a handful got Cov. This was after about 1yr of the so called Pandemia. Once the vax happened. The real pandemia started. May we stop them and jail them

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The UK's Office for National Statistics has been reporting significantly above 5 year average deaths for many months now mostly in private homes:

"The number of deaths was above the five-year average in private homes (25.7% above, 621 excess deaths)" -25.7% is an astounding death count above 5 year average.

All the weekly reports are linked to from the latest one:


Totally unheard of for Summer and for more than a few weeks at a time as the winter 'flu season passes and not one person in authority will question the numbers.

I am also sure that the new revised 5 year average includes the "covid pandemic" deaths, they were certainly stripped out of earlier versions of it until things settled down.

Why not?

Well I think we all know why.

This is something I wrote about their 2020 reporting:


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We all know this is planned Genocide. When do people get angry enough to get out and demand this medical tyranny stop. Will it take a hundred years of suppression to awaken people that you have to love freedom and nurture and protect it. We must not sit by in wonder and allow our neighbours to be willfully ignorant any longer. We must speak and engage with people to stop being so compliant to this attack on them and their dependents. People think we are the crazies for not supporting wonderful philanthropic Gates and bigpHARMa who only want to help us get well.

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It certainly appears that program made things worse!

World in Data suggests there is a good-sized [up to 33%] control group in the Philippines, with no shots at all. Is any of your available data grouped by vax status?

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Hi Sally, been following you for a while now. Just wanted to thank you for your work. Its a disgrace with this huge cover up world wide. Don't worry they will be held accountable in the end. I hope you will get the chance to show the world what has really happened.

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I recently updated these plots. Still just as damning. Will post again

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