I can say from direct experience---- no birth certificate, no enrollment in public schools for Kindergarten. It's that simple. In my kid's class of 30 students, they are ages 5, 6, 7, and 8 for the enrollees. Some families waited out the last 2 school years for face to face classes to resume, figuring they didn't have the capacity to homeschool anyway.

The gender ratio is skewed female. It would be interesting to do a sex breakdown of pediatric deaths, given that the male fetus is historically more vulnerable to gestational insults (like vaccines) compared to female fetuses. I've a feeling we're losing many boys out of all the pediatric deaths.

My other idea is that those children were born, then trafficked. The Philippines is a hotbed for human trafficking and pedophilia. Or the Dep Ed is inflating student numbers to justify a larger budget.

They have a few more years for the Pandemic Baby cohort to age into Kindergarten-eligible age. We'll get a clearer picture in 2025 when the first lockdown babies are enrolled for school year 2025-2026.

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