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Thanks again Supersally. Please stay on top of them! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 You are a Godsend

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I think the public would riot if they pull the vaccines. Everyone (w/few exceptions) I speak with rich or poor wants them and defends them. Generated from my anecdotal observation A question I have from people at even low stratas that employ household staff as I’ve noticed they blamed their covid infections on their home help w/anger and disgust as if they can know. But only said employers “needed” hospitalisation but their maids and drivers toughed it out like a cold. Could be provincial people have stronger genomes or the continuous physical activity kept their immune system strong? could be they’re less hypochondriacal? Could be their bosses didn’t want to spend the cash? In the states it was reversed as employers didn’t seem to need hospitalisation but immigrant employees were vying for hospital beds blaming employers for the cold. If I observed correctly was it diet, class resentment, opportunity for gain or expression?

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Thanks, Sally!

To readers:

How good is PH FDA adverse reporting? How many people realize they can report C19 mRNA product adverse effect to either the PH FDA or the drug manufacturer? That the Doctors can do it as well?




Elon Musk, received an mRNA shot. He tweeted last month he felt like dying. He learned his lesson. Now, he'll never get any realizing how dangerous these mRNA products are.

How many people read Scientific, medical journals on health and nutrition? For those not into the Science, you can always tell government is up to no good when they incentivize these half-baked mRNA products.

Why are most people today obese? Why does a rice-heavy diet country like Japan have low obesity rates than the Philippines in the last 2 decades? In photographs captured in the 1920s, Filipinos are lean despite the large portion of their diets being rice ... same as in the early 1900s, the 1960s, 1970s.




As usual, DOH is dumb on highbrowism.

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OH? Backpedaling furiously now then? After orchestrating the greatest GENOCIDE in human history.

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