Africa too refused the mRNA jab and they're seeing no vax problems

UN CIA/DOD MIL spent 100's of millions in Africa promoting the clot-shot, and the 'dumb negroes' know better than to trust a Bill Gates Jab;

Doesn't sound well for the Honkey's in North America that lined up for the clot-shot;

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Apr 29, 2023Liked by SuperSally888

This is very telling...

"3,116 fewer babies died in 2021 compared to 2019. Nearly 8,000 parents whose babies did not die, babies who DID NOT DIE WHEN THEY DID NOT RECEIVE ROUTINE MEDICAL CARE / WELL CHILD VISITS! This is despite some babies / children dying, no doubt, because they couldn’t receive emergency care!"

Simply said, even with the presence of a "supposed full blown pandemic", babies in the Philippines thrived better with lesser mortality in an atmosphere of lower immunisation take up.

So, all things being equal, immunisation may be said to be inimical to overall well-being of babies.

God help us.

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Apr 30, 2023Liked by SuperSally888

SIDS, SADS same same

My very intelligent grandchildren did not get any shots ever....... 4 under 5 years old

Never sick, always bright and happy.

These little ones will have to rebuild humanity and restore our culture. In 20 plus years time.

Once you know, you know.

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SS Baby, infant & childhood "vaccines" have been exposed for the fraud that they've been from the get go. Tragic that it took this study 40 years before it was published. Read it people.


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If they went ten years, they’d never vaccinate again.

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