Let us also keep in mind that omicron has been far milder than alfa and even delta. Thus, deaths gone down even despite cases going up. Covid-19 infection does not take out healthy people, it takes out people who are compromised. If it is now taking out young people, we must assume that these young people have had their health compromised. What is it that is causing younger people to be compromised? In Philippines, from the data I have seen, I am sure that at least some of the covid-19 vaccine adverse reaction deaths are being passed off as covid-19 deaths. I do not know if that is the case in Australia? The next set of data will be critical!

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So the excess deaths are therefore attributable to the adverse effects of the experimental mRNA injections?

If this is so (as supported also by UK data) then all the political public service, academic and media proponents of this experiment on our citizens are culpable in both the breach of Nuremberg and civil laws. They have murdered (and maimed) men, women and children. They have - as front line doctors and nurses administering these poisons - failed in their duty of care, and their oath in a slavish adherence to “authority” which is no excuse. Parents have abused, murdered and maimed their children. What happens when these crimes and deceptions are made clear to and understood by parents? Guilt? Rage? Revenge?

Interesting times ahead.

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