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Pinoys were bitchin' about Dengvaxxia when it came out, but took the covid shot hook, line, and sinker. Lechon, yes, he is a pig, and needs his license pulled for his lies during the pandemic. I can't prove this, this asshole made money of the pandemic. Now, he's flipped?? I blasted him with facts and peer reviewed articles and he eventually blocked me on Facebook.

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Easy. Leachon is a paid spokesperson on Pfizer's payola.

Sanofi didn't pay him so he spoke against Dengvaxia.

Sinovac didn't pay him so he spoke against the Sinovac COVID vaccine.

Only Pfizer is approved for minors in the Philippine COVID schedule so he advocated a "blitzkreig" of vaccinations for minors.

100% of shills agree with whatever harmaceutical is funding them :D

His posturing of concern for further study, taking a cautious approach, etc only serve his pocket. His statements happening to align with good medical and scientific practice are mere coincidence. Great if the science aligns with his pocket. If not, make up another reason why his pocket's needs override public health.

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Yes, I've always wondered about this Sally as I followed the whole Dengvaxia trial when it happened. It's pretty shocking that this cardiologist refused to think the covid vaccine could not have issues as well.

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