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Looks like they made the decision to fudge the real statistics to track to the 2021 levels--- probably the last time they told the truth in numbers..

Your presentation is impeccable, and flawless as always :D You rock, Sally!

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Thank you Angie!

Certainly 2022 data should not look like 2021 or even prior years given the massive excess deaths seen in 2021. However, I suppose if something has greatly increased population vulnerability to death it will still show similar seasonal patterns to that of prior years (births should also show the typical patterns - when they don't that is cause for alarm).

Giving PSA the benefit of the doubt, there is still the potential that they may just not have compiled data yet.

Recall that the 2021 data is still incomplete (it was only ever compiled as of March 2021). Apparently, it will be updated next year.

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Thank Pharma they released the m[iracle]RNA jab in 2021!

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