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The drop in live births must be so steep if they aren't releasing 2023 data as of July! They can't just add fake births and lie their way out of this one hmm....? I hardly see babies or toddlers anymore in our rural area.

In 2025, the first wave of Pandemic Babies will be eligible for Kindergarten (they will be 5 years old). We'll see what the enrollment figures are like with the DepEd and that will paint another picture of the missing live births.

In 2028 the babies born in 2023 will be eligible for Kinder too. They can hide the PSA data as much as they like, but enrollment will be harder to fudge.

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There is a URGENT NEED for a nation-wide anti-vaccinocracy party, and by anti-vaccinocracy I mean anything for which these dummies of Duterte and Marcos are standing for. They and the oligarchies sustaining them have not only committed the grandest and most egregious fraud to the Philippines people, but now they are forcing it to stay, because any loosening means admission of their grandest and most egregious crimes. The party must have as a goal the formation of a PERMANENT constitutional assembly excluding anyone who "governed" the Philippines from 1946 onwards, capable of creating a NEW justice system, completely independent from the executive scoundrels and the gangs of parasitarian do nothings epidemically infesting the country.

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The poisoning of Philippines people with untested and unnecessary "vaccines" with the help of foreign shady organizations continues unabated:


Deagel forecasts an increase of Philippines population anyway:


Probably they mean the 13 million from Afghanistan and from the USA who will move to the Philippines.

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Here you have who owns the SC of the Philippines:


It is no different from US SC, US federal government, US state governments, EU "government" and the "governments" of most multinational corporations.

Ano na Mr Perlas?

I will not use Mrs. Frangipani's pronoun(s), but it was clear from before depositing these petitions that the problem is such that it is not a "legal" or juridical problem. It is a religious problem, how the press release of the DoH proves.

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THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS FLAWED, DEFECTIVE OR NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY. The magistrates have performed below par in this particular case. Clearly a delaying tactic. They have to be called to account. NOTHING LESS. NO DEALS. JUST JUSTICE.

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Quite ridiculous statement, given that Pfizer itself disclaimed "its product" (which is in reality a DoD "product") publicly. The problem is that the Philippines crime government is drowning in its own crimes. THE PHILIPPINES NEEDS BADLY A NEW POLITICAL CLASS: IF THERE ARE NO INDIGENOUS EXEMPLARS, GET THEM FROM MARS!

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