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'Covid-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere'. Rancourt et al, found no evidence of ACM benefit in any of the 17 countries studied; and unprecedented peaks were temporally linked

The Sound of Freedom! More Young People Dying Unexpectedly! Absolute Divorce Bill Recommended for Approval & Marriages Rise in 2022. Meat Imports Down by 4% in 2023, 50% of Filipinos Identify as Poor.

PSA By Year History of Vital Statistics Release from 2018 to 2022! 2021 Stands Out for Limited & Truncated Release. 2023 Stands Out for NO Data Release to Date!

PSA have updated 2022 Vital Statistics as of 31 May 2023! Deaths have risen to 9.5% above, and births have risen to 7% below 2020 levels. If 2021 deaths rose to a similar extent they would exceed 900k

Alarm Raised Over Missing Students: How Many Elementary and Secondary Students Does the Philippines Have? Is DepEd Overcounting their 25.9 M Registered Students? Are there still 3 M Missing Students?

News from the Philippines: Missing Students. Is this the Canary in the Coalmine for Population Stagnation and Pending Depopulation. SIM Registration Monkey Business. Australian-Philippines Alliance.

PSA has Released Philippines Vital Statistics for 2022 as of 30 April 2023 today. 2022 Births increased by 55,814 (+1.3% vs 2021), Deaths increased by 10,208 (-24.5% vs 2021, +8.2% vs. 2020).

Early September Update from the Philippines: ICAT Guidelines for Departing Filipino Travelers. China's 10-Dash Revised Map Opposed. More Medical Schools? Better than Cash - Digital Payments.

MALAYSIAN Doctors Win - Are Permitted to Prescribe Ivermectin Using Their Professional Judgement. We Must Ask Why was this ever under question!

More than 22 Million Filipino Students Headed back to Public Schools Today to Start the 2023-2024 School Year. The Education System Faces Many Challenges, Particularly Following Mass Education Loss

Australia's Mortality Data for 2023 Weeks 1-21 Is Not Reassuring. Deaths Continue Above Baseline and are Trending Upwards as the Weeks Progress. Deaths in Women Aged 75-84 exceeded 2022 Deaths.

EO 2023-0007, 30 March 2023 Sets Out Guidelines on Surveillance and Management of AEFI following vaccines. Vaccine Marketing to Teens, DOH Trust Rating at 50% in NCR. New Covid-19 Health Protocols.

Letter from Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and Colleagues - Transcribed from his presentation to Manila Medical Professionals last July 2023: The Eternal Dangers of RNA Vaccines

Died Suddenly Philippines - Public Figures Dying of Cancer; Susan Ople and her 2 older brothers die of cancer within weeks of each other. Content Creator Sean Beltran dies of Bone Cancer aged 21.

Banko Sentral Pilipinas (BSP) Signs up to the UN's supported Principles for Responsible Development.

POGS Recommends Bivalent Booster Be Given to Pregnant Women Preferably in the First Trimester, Upon Pregnancy Diagnosis. Follows US Recommendations for Pregnant Women. Child Immunization Summit.

July 2023 Monthly Pharmacovigilance Report Issued. 113,002 (+313 New Reports, including +16 serious) of Suspected AEFI, 3,837 Deaths (+12). Reports from new Pfizer Bivalent are up to 321 (1 serious).

Australians Need to Speak Up Now Lest They be Silenced Permanently: Call for Submissions on ACMA Mis and Dis-Information Legislation.

How does a book, documenting an event from 8 - 11 Aug 2023, get published on 10th Aug 2023 BEFORE the event is even over? Evidence that the fires were planned? The AI BOT's Handlers cashing in? Both?

Dengvaxia Exposed the Filipino People to Unnecessary Risks and Harm. Doesn't This Very Same Argument, on a Far Greater Even More Devastating Scale, Apply to Covid-19 Vaccines?

Daily Covid-19 Case Reporting Continues. Sick Adolescents. Influencer Dr. Tony Leachon Rewarded with DOH Post. NSP2023-2028 Signed into Law, as Part of the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028.

Macau has doubling of typical mortality in 4th Quarter of 2022 and 1st Quarter of 2023! Deaths were 4x and 3.4x Normal in Dec '22 and Jan '23. COINCIDENTAL with Mass December mRNA Boosting.

No More Vaccine Entry and Exit Requirements for the Philippines! Sad Cancer Death of a Staunch Vaccine Supporter. Japan and Qatar Excess Deaths. Australian Bombshells Keep Coming from Senate Enquiry

Bilibid Prison Septic Tank in the Spotlight. Bivalent Covid-19 Injection Roll Out Extends to Entire Population as Shelf-Life Expiry Looms - But Has Low Uptake.

Philippines Supreme Court Upholds Duterte's Liability for Drug War Killings, Rules that President Cannot Enter / Withdraw from International Treaties without Senate Approval.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Provisional Mortality Data for Jan - April 2023 (Weeks 1-17) Released on 28 July 2023 Shows Continued Excess Deaths for 2023 at 6,220 or 12.3% above Baseline.

Various Philippines News: Removal of The State of Health Emergency Means Removal of Restrictions? Dengvaxia? SIM Registration. President Marcos' 2nd SONA at 4 pm on 24th July 2023. Duterte Meets Xi.

3 1/3 Years (1,230 days) After Implementation, the State of Health Emergency in the Philippines is Lifted with Proclamation 297 signed on 21st July 2023!

The Philippines FDA June 2023 Pharmacovigilance Report on Covid-19 Vaccination was Released Today: 45 New Suspected Adverse Reaction Reports including 2 serious; 2 deaths are removed, 1 is added.

WHO: Philippines Covid-19 Response Saved 1.8 Million Pinoys from Poverty! What about the remaining 100+ Million Whose Lives and Futures Were Ruined by Lockdowns, Who Are Still Struggling to Recover?

BusinessWorld Just Denied Publication of "Growing Evidence of the Dangerous Effects of Covid Vaccines" by columnist Atty. Jemy Gatdula

The Philippines DOH is Crowing Over the Supreme Court's Dismissal of the Petitions Filed Against the Covid-19 Regulations: Implying C-19 Regulations are Constitutional, there was a Favorable Ruling!

After Sitting on the Filing Against IATF and TRO for 14 Months, the Philippines Supreme Court Dismisses the 12th May 2022 Case on a Technicality! 'the resolution of the issues raised therein required

74% of 325 Autopsied Persons Were Independently Adjudicated to Have Died Directly Caused or Significantly Contributed by Covid-19 Vaccination.

After Mass Excess Deaths in 2021 (43.2% Overall), Excess Deaths Compared to 2020 Continue in All Regions in 2022 (Except NCR). Excess Deaths Across 2021 and 2022 will Exceed 306,660 Persons.

Philippines FDA Issues CPR for Pfizer Comirnaty. This product is now "approved" for use in the Philippines and may be imported and sold.

PSA 2022 Prelim. Vital Statistics as of 31 March 2023 released 26 June 2023; Deaths are 25.6% Lower Than in 2021 (but 6.5% Higher than 2020), Births are 2.8% Lower than 2021 (Down 20.8% since 2019)

Senate Bill 689 SOGIE Bill Penalizes Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Expression. RA11908 Legislates Parent Effectiveness Service Program.

“Sustainable Vaccination - It Ends When you do!” - Japan's Excess Deaths Have Escalated in Parallel with the Doubling of Booster Doses Delivered Mostly to their Senior Citizen Population.

Emerging Post Pandemic Diseases: Livestream On-line Scientific Course, 29-30 July. Arranged by PPMHFVI and Philippine Society of Orthomolecular Medicine; will offer CPE points for Filipino Doctors.

While the Rest of the World are Winding Up With C-19 Vaccination, the Philippines has just Launched their Bivalent Vaccines Campaign.

Updates from The Philippines: New Pharmacovigilance Report Released, Unexpected Deaths of Public Leaders, Lowered Standards for Nursing Board Takers, Restive Mayon Volcano.

16 June 2023: Health & Vaccine Equity Summit Philippines: Speakers will share their narratives of struggles and advances in ensuring access to diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

"High Vaccine Demand Abroad Hinders Attempts to Secure More Covid-19 Vaccines". However, DOH Cannot Procure New Vaccines With the Expiry of the National Public Health Emergency.

June 12, Philippines Independence Day.

When Governments Assume Powers Outside Their Remit, Which Go Beyond National Interests and Constitutions, Legal Systems Become the Last Resort for Peaceful Resolution! What if these Legal Systems

Region III - Central Luzon. After Vaccine Rollout, Why Were There Death Spikes on the First Day of Each Month, with Other Spikes Spaced at 2 Week Intervals.

Philippines DOH Finally Gets a Department Head in Dr. Ted Herbosa. Impeccably Credentialled, Dr. Herbosa Steps into a Powerful Position as the Senate Considers SB1869 and the W.H.O Redefines its Role!

390,000 Doses of Pfizer Bivalent Have Arrived to The Philippines Donated from Lithuania Where C-18 Vaccine Uptake is <0.01/100 population and Demand has been Flat Since Early 2022.

DZRH 3rd June 2023 Saturday Special Interview with Lunas Pilipinas Coalition Atty Tanya, Juan Dakila Atty Aaron and CDCPH's Dr. Quijano (Tagalog Language Program).

The Light Australia - Being Paid for and Distributed By Volunteers - A Grass Roots Movement With Mass Impacts

Philippines News and Sharing Some Recent Podcasts that Educate and/or Inspire. Charles Eisenstein on Staying Sane. Dr. Martin on the premeditated bioweapons which are C19 and the Vaccines.

Australian Bureau of Statistics have Released the February 2023 All-Cause Mortality. 2023 Excess Deaths Currently Running at 11.2% (2,758 Persons Unexpectedly Lost).

Covid-19 Kills One Person Every 4-Minutes as Vaccination Uptake Falls! That is 0.096% of All Worldwide Daily Deaths! Last Reported Single Covid-19 Death in the Philippines was on April 15, 2023.

Lunas Pilipinas Coalition is Holding a Prayer Rally at the Philippines Senate to Express Their Alarm Over SB1869 and Pandemic Responses and Outcomes Which Have Not Been Critically Assessed!

Patterns in the 2019 to 2022 Philippines Top Ten Leading Causes of Death (COD). Ischemic Heart Disease, Hypertensive Diseases, Diabetes are Increasing. Respiratory Illnesses are Way Down!

Total 2022 (preliminary) and 2019 Deaths are Similar. Top 10 Causes of Death Are Identical. However, Big Increases in Cardiac (+17%), Diabetes (+13%) & Hypertensive Diseases (28%) Seen in 2022.

Philippines April 2023 Pharmacovigilance Report is Out. 112,507 AEFI, 2,816 Deaths Reported. New Conditions of Concern Were Added: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Transverse Myelitis, and Encephalitis/ADE.

PSA Just Released Preliminary 2022 Vital Statistics. These Show 45,106 More Deaths from Jan - Oct 2022 (+9%), than the Same Period in 2020. Excess Deaths and Dropping Births Continue!

CCH (Covid Call to Humanity) 14 May 2023 Public Seminar Ep. 75: Shocking News!!! You won't believe this is happening to the world!

Australia's AusVaxSafety Surveillance System Uses Carefully Solicited Questions to Craft the Safe and Effective Narrative. Only Partial Data is Released to the Public.

China Tested Pfizer, Banned it for Its Own Citizens, and Then Exported it to the World!

There has been a Whole of Government, Whole of Society Failure Over the Pandemic Measures Formally Adopted. We Need a Whole of Humanity Stand Up to Put This to Rights! Call to Action!

2.3 Million Children Receive MMR, 829K OPV (Polio). DOH Not Worried about Rising Covid-19 Cases. End of Health Emergency Decision Next Week. SB1869 for Approval This Week!

Philippines 2021 Birth and Death Data; Crude Estimate of the Impacts on the 2020 Population Pyramid. Population of Children 9 and Under dropped in 2021 Due to Reduced Birth Rates.

WHO: End of Covid-19 Health Emergency on 5th May 2023! DOH & IATF: We Will Discuss Policy Implications. Philippines Experts: We Don't Believe It Is Over! We Won't Let It Be Over!

DOH Philippines has Issued Department Memorandum 0146 Providing Guidelines for Covid-19 Vaccination 2nd Booster Doses for BARMM on 13 April 2023. The Guide Focuses Heavily on Finding Unvaccinated

Cases "Explode"! As the US Lifts Remaining Restrictions, the Philippines DOH Orders Hospitals to Reopen Covid Wards. Prison Visiting Hours are Suspended, and University's Stop F2F School.

Moderna Setting up in the Philippines. WHO IA2030 Goals Include 500 New Vaccines for Low & Middle Income Nations. 390K Bivalent Jabs Arriving by the End of May 2023? Covid-19 Cases Rising, DOH Trying

Totally Blind to Excess Deaths, to Injuries, to Suffering, to Worldwide Devastating Health Trends Clearly Linked to Covid-19 Vaccination, Filipino Leaders Want Jabs Pushed to The Young, Remasking!

ABS Provisional Mortality Data Shows Continued Excess Deaths Above Baseline for January 2023, with Biggest Burden of Deaths in Senior Citizens.

Philippines 2021 Excess Deaths Are Up on the RDA Website

WHO/UNICEF Say 1-million Filipino Children Have Received No Routine Immunization Over the Pandemic Years. But Both 2020 and 2021 had lower than Usual Deaths for Children 0 - 11.

Covid-19 Vaccines for the Philippines Childhood Schedule. PHP60M for Vaccine Demand Generation. Supreme Court Junks TRO on SIM Registration. SIM Registration Extended. SMART SIM Data Collection

IATF has Extended Covid-19 Alert Level 2 for Regions Not Meeting Vaccine Targets. Masking is Dangerous, It Causes Miscarriages. Global Warming and Rice.

Maid's Family Compensated for Vaccine Death in Singapore Contrasts Philippines Compensation. Guidelines on 2nd Booster for Healthy Adults. Bus Driver Shortage Affects Public Transport in the Metro.

March 2023 Pharmacovigilance Report Rleased. Philippines Compulsory SIM Card Registration Challenged in Court. Compulsory Masking Pushed Yet Again.

Philippines DOH has Approved Second Boosters for the General Population. Shelf-Life Extended to 18 Months (Original Was 6 Months). Community Responsibility / Wall of Immunity, STILL Being Pushed.

2022 Preliminary Vital Statistics Jan-November released on 12 April 2023. 2022 Has Excess Deaths and Fewer Births Than 2020. IHD and Hypertensive Diseases increased as COD Contributors.

Zoo Animals Were Vaccinated Against Covid-19. Bio-Physiological Effects of Masks and Long Covid. 600k Annual Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths in US. How Many in the Philippines?

Australia Updates. Cases, and More Cases! AstraZeneca Gone: No Longer Used from 20 March 2023. Australian Government Stops Tracking Vaccine Outcomes.

DOH Depending on CDC Bill to Bring in Bivalent Vaccines. Manila Times Reporting on Vaccine Injuries! DOH Not Clearing Old Covid Cases from Running Tally. PSA Not Providing Vital Population Updates.

Rights of Consumers are Protected: Why Do These Apply to General Services and Commodities, but not to Health Care, and Specifically Not to Covid-19 Related Commodities: Vaccines and Medications?

ABS Data for 2022 Released. Overall Deaths in 2022 were 25,235 (15.3%) Higher than the Historical 5-Year Pre-Pandemic Average. There is No Letup in Sight! Excess Death Got Worse Across All Age-Groups.

11 Sudden Deaths Philippines Jan - March 2023; Compilation of Published Sudden Deaths. No Causes Assigned or Attributed. Simply a Presentation of Local Cases Reported in the Philippines Media.

WHO Changes Vaccine Recommendations. DOH Philippines Importation of Donated COVAX Products on Hold. DOH Claims CDC Bill Will Not Bring in Medical Martial Law. Dowd on the Cost of Vaccines!

Australia is Establishing Their Very Own CDC to Unify Approaches to Animal, Plant, and Human Health and Pandemic Preparedness!

Up from 1/44 in 2018, 1/150 in 2002, and 1/10,000 in 1990, Report Shows 1/36 Eight-Year-Old Children Were Autistic 3 Years Ago in 2020. Compounded Now Due to Lost Education, Distancing, Masks?

Killer Eyedrops: Unspeakable hypocrisy in the Face of Excess Vaccine Deaths! Updates from the Philippines. Australian TGA Pre-Vaccination Knowledge on Pfizer Revealed via FOI. Got God?

Cancer Cases Soaring. The Philippines Has Few Facilities, Mostly in Large Centers, and Even Fewer Doctors. Are Covid-19 Vaccines Linked to Many New Cancers?

Discontent in the ranks of DOH Against Vergeire. Most Unvaccinated Filipinos Don't Want More Jabs. DOH Reports of 27 Million Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines Administered from 9 to 15 March 2023! Really?

Today is the 3 Year Anniversary of Lockdowns in the Philippines! We are Suffering Collective Trauma Over Measures, Some Still in Place, and the Consequences of What Has Been Done. Bivalent Boosters

Philippines February 2023 Pharmacovigilance Report Released. +409,084 doses. +161 Reported Suspected Reactions; including 72 Serious and 5 Additional Deaths (2,801 Total Deaths) Since 31 Jan 2023.

Officials Still Say Safe and Effective. The Evidence Harm Continues to Accumulate. Failure of Officials to Acknowledge On-the-Ground Situation Bodes Poorly for their Professional Survival!

New Strategies to Force Uptake: Philippines DOH to Force Legacy Vaccine Boosters as Prerequisite to Receipt of the "Desirable" Bivalent Booster.

More than 50-million and Increasing Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines Wasted in The Philippines. DOH Says No Sense of Urgency in Population. I Think Filipinos Are Smart, Have Self-Preservation Instincts!

SB-1928 Setting Up the Virology and Vaccine Institute Philippines, to be located in Clark, Tarlac, is now with The Senate. Could this pave the way for the Philippines own Covid-19 Styled Pandemic?

CDCPH Have Issued a Position Paper Against Philippines SB1869 Which Sets Up the Philippines CDC to Deal With Future Health Emergencies, and the Philippines National Focal Point for the WHO.

FOI to the Australian TGA Reveals Minutes of Covid-19 Vaccine Approval Meetings. Despite Unknowns, Despite Accumulating Evidence of Harm, TGA Proceeded to Approval All Doses to All Populations.

New Philippines Pharmacovigilance Report for January 2023 Released: 112,103 Reports of Suspected Adverse Reactions, 10,521 Serious Events including 2,796 Deaths (+10 new).

Philippines Population Vital Statistics - By Region All-Cause Mortality Over the Pandemic Years with Comparison to 2019. Regional Excess Deaths in 2021 Ranged from 25 to 60%.

Philippines Birth and Death Trending; Breakdown of 5-Year Data (2017-2021) by Region and by NCR Cities.

Standing Against SB1869. Standing Against Allowing Foreign Interference in Philippine Affairs. Standing for Individual Rights, Autonomy, Freedom from Coercion and Medical Tyranny!

Everyone is Talking About The Dom Perrottet and John Larter Radio Interview. NSW Premier Laments He Has No Power to Stop Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates - That He Is Not Being Listened To.

Filipino Senior Citizen and Health Care Workers to be Targeted for Receipt of 1 Million Bivalent Vaccines. Expert Calls for Stopping of Pediatric C19 Vaccines Over Reported Deaths.

PSA Officially Released the Philippines 2021 Registered Birth Data on 24th Feb 2023. There is a 10.7% drop in registered births since 2020, a 23.8% drop since 2012.

The Philippines is a World Leader In Excess Deaths in 2021! Overall 43.2% Excess Deaths (721 Excess Deaths per day)! The by-Region Excess Deaths Range from 24.9% to 60.4%.

Singapore Excess Mortality, Still-Births and Perinatal Mortality Data for 2022 Just Dropped. It is terrible! The Worst in 62 Years of Record Keeping.

ABS Has Released Australian Provisional Mortality Data Showing 15.1% Excess Deaths from Jan - November 2022. Older Folks Fare Far Worse Than Younger.

Sharing the Covid Call to Humanity Position Paper on SB1869. This Bill will bring in Digital Surveilance, Medical Martial Law, Passing of National Sovereignty to the WHO under the IHRs.

44-Million Doses Expired, 19-Million Doses Missing. FDA Task Force Flemming is Launched to Facilitate and Fast-track Covid-19 Products Registration. Population Collapse!

SB1869 Will Subjugate Philippines Sovereignty to the WHO, Enshrine the Pandemic Measures of the Past 3 Years and Add Measures, Create Medical Martial Law! Emergency Broadcast by Nicanor Perlas!

Philippines Supreme Court has Responded on May 2022 TRO Case, Petitioners to Submit Response on 20 Feb 2023. SB No. 1869 "CDC Bill" Updates. MSM: Natural Infection As Good As/Better Than Vaccination.

HB6522 creating the Philippine CDC, now has a Senate version, SB1869. Without due notice, it was taken up on 14/2/23 for priority consideration. The President and DOH are Granted Unprecedented Powers.

VFR (Vaccine Fatality Rates) Calculated by Rancourt et. al. show that Covid-19 Vaccines Killed, with the Oldest Being Killed at a Rate of 1%, Overall Population vDFR of 0.1%

Final Report of the WHO's International Health Regulations Review Committee. Many of the concerning changes were not adopted. IHRs will not be Weaponized Against the People for Now!

Supreme Court Throws Out Dengvaxia Petition 5 Years After Filing. Philippines Inflation at a14-Year High. BioNTech and Pfizer Falsified Key Data used for Product Approvals, Lowered Quality Standards.

Joey Con Doesn't Know that the State of Calamity Expired Last 31 December 2022? DOH's OIC Vergeire Cannot Accept that the SOC is Over and Seems to be Requiring a Declaration from the President.

Private Sector Should Not Buy Bivalent Products, Instead Use Up Spare DOH Stock. 3-Year Low Covid-19 Cases in Manila, but Other Infectious Diseases are Up. Masking Never Worked, but Vitamin D Does.

New Interview from John O'Looney. He knows what is going on and expresses it clearly!

Can DOH accept 1 million Doses of Covax now that there is no longer any State of Calamity in the Philippines? Under EUA the sole permitted remaining use is consumption of on-hand stocks.

DOH Vergeire Confirms She Is Willing to Accept the Position of DOH Secretary, Declares that Covid-19 Emergency is Not Over Despite Manageable Cases and Hospitalization!

Apparent Gross Overreporting of Active Covid-19 Cases by Philippines Department of Health. Is this due to Failure to Update Resolved Cases in a Timely Manner?

Australia: ABS Limited Mortality Data Out on 24 Jan 2023 Covering the Period Jan - Oct 2022 Shows 159,965 Registered Deaths, an Increase of 15,315 with 1,200 New Excess Deaths Since Sept 2022.

Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic?

1) The HB 6522 Weapon, commentary by Modesto P. Sa-Onoy Raises Many Concerns. 2) Why is DOH Still Pushing Restrictions in the Face of No Supporting Legislation? The State of Calamity is Expired!

Directed Evolution is the new Gain of Function! Links to the Twitter Veritas Pfizer Drop and Discussion.

Philippines Cause of Death Data Jan to Aug 2019 to 2022; Comparison of 2022 with 2019 Data shows an Increase in Lifestyle Disease Deaths. Covid-19 Deaths Replaced Other Respiratory Illness Deaths.

Philippines Population Vital Statistics and Cause of Death for Jan - September 2022 as of 31st October 2022, Released on 23 Jan 2023. Data Appears Relatively Complete for Jan - July 2022.

Constitutionally Compliant Business Philippines (CCBPH) has Published a Full-Page Infomercial Against HB6522 in Today's Philippines Daily Inquirer. Sharing in Full!

Why are Deaths Attributed to Covid-19 at a Historical High vs. Cases? Is there a new highly vulnerable population that is dying with Covid-19 Despite the Low Pathogenicity of the Current Variant?

ONS Mortality by Vaccination Status Data is Acknowledged to be Grossly Misleading, with Systematic Biases. Conclusion: Data Can Not be Used to Make Assertions About Safety and Efficacy.

Patients Have Rights Except when They Don't - Under Epidemic Conditions, In Case of Mandatory Interventions, When Public Health and/or Research Interests Prevail.

December 2022 Pharmacovigilance Report Released: 111,639 Reports of AEFI,10,482 Reports of SAE including 2,786 Deaths.

DOH Will Continue Current COVID-19 Health Measures Even Without a Global Health Emergency. Roadblock HIT for New Purchases of Jabs Which Can Now Only Be Purchased Under Regular Procurement.

Philippines Mid-January 2023 Selected Updates: Onions cost more than Meat! Net Zero. SIM Card Registration and Smart Cities. WHO Davos Attendance List. China loses 850,000 population in 2022.

Vaccinologist Paul Offit - Now an Antivaxer?Claims Bi-Valent Boosters Are Not Effective for Most! Calls for Further Study!

US Pentagon Rescinds Covid-19 Mandates for Service Personnel on 10th January 2023

HB 6522 - Philippines CDC Bill. Serious Concerns with Clauses in this Document. The Public Need to Be Informed and to Lobby Their Representatives to Reject Approval of This Bill as it Currently Stands

Review of DOH Covid-19 Death Tracker to End of 2022: Age Breakdown Shows that Deaths Increased in Younger Age Groups Concurrent With Vaccines Rollout and Despite Lower Variant Pathogenicity.

9 Jan 2022 - Philippines Updates on Covid-19 Vaccination. Sudden Deaths. China letting Covid-19 Rip. Concerning Drops in 2022 Registered Live Births.

Philippines CDC Pandemic Bill Has Highly Concerning Provisions. Sovereignty is Ceded to International Powers Including WHO and IHR.

Fire in the house over at Twitter. Jikkyleaks Sharing TGA FOI Data Showing Clear Evidence of Pfizer Death Batches.

Genetic Impacts Confirmed. Up and Down Regulation of Gene Expression Identified at Autopsy in Persons Who Died Post-Vaccination. Immune Regulation Affected Resulting in Immune System Disarray.

Philippines State of Calamity Expired on 31 Dec 2022. Up to today, I've Found NO reporting in any Mainstream Media Source! As if the State of Calamity and its Expiry are a Non-Event. EUA Issued

270 Flights Cancelled Across the Philippines Today After Reported Technical Issues with Power Supply and Flight Radar System. UPDATE: Resolved.