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Catastrophic Outcomes When Given in Pregnancy. Thorp et. al. Call for an Immediate Worldwide Moratorium. This Travesty Against Public Health and Medical Care Must be Halted.

Hong Kong Is Dropping Its Vaccine Pass System From 29 December 2022. Unvaccinated and Partially Vaccinated Can Now Access Restaurants and Public Venues.

Philippines DOH, Mad on Power, Needing To Retain Indemnity from Claims of Harm, Requests Extension of The State of Calamity Into a 4th Year!

Discussion on Immune Changes Following Primary Series and Boosters. Permanent Homogenization of Immune Response and Removal of Neutralization Capacity for Covid-19 and Likely Other Respiratory Virus.

Australian ABS All-Cause Mortality Data for Jan-Sept 2022 Released. 2022 Excess Mortality up to 30 Sept is 16% Above Baseline Average. Around 30,000 excess deaths since Jab Rollout Last Feb 2021.

Safe Ba Talaga? (Is It Really Safe)? Those Who Died Cannot Tell Their Stories, But They Are Not Forgotten. Others Are Warned! Shame On The Agencies That Still Deny Harm, Failing Their Duty of Care!

New Monthly AEFI Report Out as of 30 Nov 2022. 168,816,023 Doses. 73,607,140 Filipinos Fully Jabbed. 20,750,044 Boosted. 111,046 Reports of Adverse Reactions, 10,341 Serious. 2,760 Deaths!

An Accomplished 44 YO Thai Princess, Heir to the Throne, on Life Support Following Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Will This Be The Tipping Point?

Various Interesting Items: Vaccine Hesitancy Associated with More Traffic Accidents. Psychosis. Designer Babies in Baby Pods. German Soaring Deaths. Philippines NDAs for Imminent Release? ICD Coding.

Philippines Bill Creating CDC Enshrines Pandemic Powers for the Department of Health and Government Agencies. Enshrines Obedience to WHO / IHR, Provides Permanent Indemnity for Commodities (Vaccines).

Hong Kong Changing Tack? Slight Relaxation of Visitor Entry Requirements as Background Local Cases are Higher than Incoming Visitor Cases.

Conclusive Proof. Peer Reviewed German Study. The Jabs Cause Cardiac-Mediated Death! Do You Still Need More Evidence? Is This Murder of Children, Suicide by Jab?

Philippines Vital Statistic Drop Jan-Aug 2022, as of 30 Sept 2022, Released 8th Dec 2022. Jan-June Data Appears Relatively Complete. Death Data Precisely Tracks 2019 Deaths. Birth Rates Are Dropping.

Hong Kong Recommending a 5th Dose (3rd Booster) for Its Residents. No 1st Booster Vaccine = No Green QR Pass = Work/ School Only, Limited Public Space Access.

TRO Trial to Stop Vaccination of Minors Ongoing. 1st Day of the 5-7 Dec Pediatric Drive Saw 50K Doses Administered. Risk-Benefit Analyses Young Adults Shows Net Harm! Myocarditis Autopsy Findings!

Mga Bata (The Children): Philippines DOH Determined to Jab as Many Children as Possible During 3-Day Drive From 5 to 7 December 2022.

Govern Me Harder, Daddy! Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick Calls Out the Australian Government.

Japanese Emeritus Professor at Kyoto University, Dr Masanori Fukushima, Blows Up Over the Covid-19 Vaccines and His Government's Covid-19 Response.

Christmas Campaign Targeting Children. How Much Did Your Jab Cost? DOH 2021 COVID-19 Campaigns Budget was PHP625.1 (USD10.5) Million. Commision on Audit Investigating Vaccine Contracts & Expenditure.

GMO Foods as Part of the Overall Corpocratic Plan for Humanity. Chinese Citizens' Mounting Internal Resistance Against Endless Lockdowns and Control. Pandemic Treaty on the Table Again!

How Many Experts Will Be Enough for the World to Listen?

Australian Provisional 2022 All-Cause Mortality for Weeks 1-34 is trending slightly downwards for all groups except Women aged 45-74. Annual Excess Deaths Stand at 17.0% (18,671 for the Year to Date).

Philippines Updates: Wasted Jabs. New Drive Focusing on Jabbing Children and Pushing 1st Booster Set for 5-7 December 2022. Australia Drops 2nd Boosters for < 30 YO.

Died Suddenly Premiere

Astounding Propaganda Piece Just Published in Biomedicine Taipei Shows the Extent of Pseudoscience, One of the Last Straws in the Loss of Scientific Integrity.

Neurological Changes Post mRNA Products

Heavily Jabbed and Boosted Australia is into its 5th Wave of Covid-19 Infections for 2022. The Government is not recommending 5th Doses. Woolworths Rolls Back Mandatory Jabs. Excess Deaths Continue!

2021 Data from the US Society of Actuaries Shows Startling Excess Deaths Particularly in Working Age Groups. Mass Loss of Productive People.

The Pandemic Is Over with Only Single Digit Daily Deaths Attributed to Covid-19 for the Past 2 Months. However, the Death and Injury Drums Beat Ever Louder from the Adverse Reaction Reporting Systems

Is the Philippines DOH Violating Its Own FDA EUA Conditions for COVID-19 Vaccines Use? Serious Questions on the Use of Heterologous Dosing, Timing of Boosters, and on Permissibility of 2nd Boosters!

DOH-FDA Reports of Suspected Adverse Reaction to Covid-19 Vaccines as of 31st October 2022.

The Philippines Fertility Rate has Dropped Below the Replacement Level of 2.1 Children Per Woman in 2022.

Move on after their COVID tyranny? Never!

PSA has Provided Preliminary Breakdown of 2021 Deaths by Age-Group. 2021 Had Excess Deaths as High as 59.8% above 2019 Levels. Children, Ineligible for the Covid-19 Product had Negative Excess Deaths.

Even As Demand Dwindles, Covid-19 Injections for Students are Being Pushed Hard. Implementation of "School Tour: One Stop Shop Bakuna". In Cebu this comes with major Incentives.

Critical Article From Dr. Blaylock. Says It All!

While Countries Fiddled On Covid-19 TB Burned! 4.5% Global Increase in TB. 2 Million Deaths. Squarely Blamed On Lack Of Access To Early Effective Treatment! Other Infections Are Soaring Too!

Meticulous Newly Published Study Shows PCR Test Was False Positive 42% of the Time! The Entire Pandemic, Daily Announced Cases and Deaths Grossly Overstated!

Deady Silence in Legacy Media as Non-Covid Excess Deaths in 2022 Exceed 2020 Covid-19 Deaths. Excess Deaths in Younger Ages. Nearly A Million Missing Babies in Europe! Philippines Missing Babies Too!

Updates from The Philippines. Masks have been Made Optional a Week Ago. Mixed Messages from Various Sources. Most Cling to Their Masks Unwilling or Unable to Relinquish Them.

Australian Birth Data for 2021; Be Careful of Interpretation Without Reading Methodology. Apparent November / December Birth Drop is Due to Late Registrations.

Confirming the Relaxation of Travel Protocols for the Philippines

UNDAS - Commemoration of the Lives of Deceased Loved Ones. Devastating Outcomes. This Post is Not for the Squeamish, but You Must Know What is Happening!

Marcos Jr. and Vergeire Met UN's Tedros Last Week. Marcos Jr. Committed to Delaying Lifting the State of Calamity Even While Emphasizing the Need to Balance Health and Economy!

Tragedy in South Korea! What Would Cause Mass Cardiac Arrest, a Mass Casualty Event in Young People?

Australia Quietly Sets Massive Budget for Covid-19 Vaccine Injury in 2022-2023! An 80x Increase from $937,000 up to $76.9 Million.

Executive Order No. 7 Makes Indoor and Outdoor Masking in the Philippines Voluntary in Most Situations, but Continues to Push and Endorse Vaccination and Boosting of the Population.

New PSA Release on 26 October 2022 for Vital Statistics and Cause of Death up to 31 July 2022! Registered Deaths Appear to Be Stabilizing, but Where Are the Babies?

ABS Has Released Provisional Mortality Statistics as of 31 July 2022. Australia's Excess Deaths for 2022 Stand at 17.3% Above Baseline. Excess death rates are increasing in younger ages and in women.

While Much of The World are Relaxing Covid-19 Rules and Restrictions, Hong Kong is Still Knuckling Down!

After 31 Months, The Philippines is Finally Lifting Travel Restrictions / Removing Mandatory Indoor Masking Requirements; Unvaccinated Foreigners Finally Welcomed Back!

Where is our missing Data? Philippines Had Soaring Deaths From March to September 2021, then Suddenly with No Obvious Trigger All Cause Mortality Plummeted! Is the Data Delayed or Incomplete?

Australian Pandemic Review Draws Damning Conclusions and Makes Recommendations. Excellent Report Provides Template Approach for Review of Covid Responses, But Does Not Recognize Vaccine Shortcomings!

USCDC Adds EUA Covid-19 Vaccines to the US Childhood Vaccine Schedule. This is Sacrifice of the Children!

A Gross 10.1% Increase in Direct Maternal Mortality for 2022 is Reported. A Closer Examination Shows a 58% Increase in Maternal Deaths as % Share of Registered Deaths! ALARM SIGNAL RAISED!

CDC Voting to Put the Covid-19 Vaccine on the Childhood Annual Vaccine Schedule. Update from WHO Pharmacovigilance VigiBase System Showing Devastating Population Health Outcomes.

Department of Health Announces Arrival of XBC, XBB Variants, Calls for Calm. Ex-Pfizer Director Calls for Halt to F2F School, Ramped Boosting, and Congress to Consider Mandatory Vaccination.

Covid-19 and Beyond: The Speed of Science. The Catholic Church Will Be Called to Judgement. Terrified Parents Don't Want Kids to Return to School. Mad Scientists Playing God. The Real Anthony Fauci.

A Different Message Today; Going Beyond What I Knew Before! Soul Journeys.

Pfizer Just Demolished the DOH's Wall of Immunity

Pfizer Called Out in EU Press Conference following Committee Hearing. The Ripples Eroding the Covid-19 Narrative have Turned to Crashing Waves!

New Philippines Pharmacovigilance Report Released Up to 30 September 2022; 166,492,256 Doses of 7 Products, 108,971 Suspected AEFI of which 10,012 Were Serious, Including 2,704 Deaths.

Covid-19 Vaccines Are Hurting and Killing Mums and Babies! Dr. Thorp Is Joining the Call for Immediate Halt, a Worldwide Moratorium on the use of Covid-19 Vaccines in Pregnancy

Get Boosted Before Joining Your Loved Ones at the Cemeteries for Undas (All Saints Day).

Stunning Paper, Marketed Authoritatively to Encourage Booster Vaccine Uptake, Shows Exactly How Conflict of Interest Works! Exactly How Badly "Science" Has Been Corrupted!

Died Suddenly Philippines: 10 Public Figures Who Have Passed Unexpectedly in 2022!

Why Does Lancet Say Less than 1% of V-Safe Participants Required Medical Assistance When the ICAN Dashboard and FOI Data Released Shows 7.7% of Participants Sought Medical Assistance?

Special Week of Vaccination Failed. Tyranny In Philippines: Iligan Mayor Makes Boosters Compulsory.

V-SAFE DATA ON COVID-19 VACCINATION JUST RELEASED! 10 Million Participants, 70+ Million Symptoms Reported, 3+Million Can't Do Normal Activities! Peak AEs Were Jan-June 2021! They Knew! Criminal!

From the PSA Data Dropped on 1st of October, Covering Jan to June 2022 as of 31 July 2022, the Philippines Has NO EXCESS DEATHS in 2022. Birth Rates are Close to 2021 Rates for Jan to March 2022.

Safety Concerns Raised Over Bivalent Omicron-Specific AE Reports in VAERS, Reported by Dr. Jessica Rose.

Philippines Special Week of Vaccination from 26-30 September, extended to 1st October, has Failed! Reached Less than 6% of Target Population in 1st 4 days: Rejected Despite Mass DOH Mobilization.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Data for 2022 Weeks 1 - 25, Shows Sustained Excess Deaths 17.1% Above Historic Levels. The Largest Burden of Excess Deaths Was Seniors Aged 75+ Who Contributed 83.6%.

That Damn Elephant In The Room Again: Blaming Lifestyle and The Young Victims of Cardiovascular Disease!

Times of India Runs the Malhotra Story. Will this be the Final Straw that Breaks the Safe and Effective Back, that Breaks the Worldwide Media Silence Impasse?

A Review on Paul Thomas Paper on Vaxed-Unvaxed Children Shows Its Findings Hold Up and It Never Should Have Been Withdrawn! "Safe and Effective Film" To Watch and Share! Reports on Breastfed Outcomes.

Preprint Paper: Reproductive and Pregnancy Harm From COVID-19 Vaccines Confirmed Using VAERS Data, and with reference to Influenza Vaccine Data.

Philippines Expert is Calling for Reinstatement of Outdoor Mask Mandates in Reaction to the slight observed Uptick in Mild Covid-19 Cases

mRNA from the Covid-19 Vaccination is Now Proven to Pass Through Breast Milk. The Impact on Breastfeeding Babies is Unknown! However, Vaccination of Breastfeeding Women is Safe!

Another Call To Halt Covid-19 Injections, Now in a New Paper from Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Philippines "Bakunahan Bayan" 26-30 September 2022! Special Week of Vaxx! 5 kg of Rice Worth PHP265 (USD4.70) For Your Life?

On Being Right by Atty Jemy Gatdula! "Covid Vaccines May Be Harming Our Young"!

DOH Target of 23 million Covid-19 Boosters to Filipinos in the First 100 Days of the Marcos Presidency Cannot be Met! Steve Kirsch's "Evidence of Harm". Dr John Campbell's "Mass Disabling Event".

DEPED Issues New Order Strengthening COVID-19 Guidance for Education Personnel and Learners. Strictly No Discrimination on Basis of Vaccination Status Permitted!

DEPED and DOH Are Intent on Delivering Covid-19 Vaccination to Your Children, to All Children!

Moving Beyond Covid-19 Infections, Though Not the Consequences of What Has been Done to the World's Trusting Population, it is Time to Take a Broader View of The Plan and the Planners.

The President of the US has Declared That the Covid-19 Pandemic is Over! Will the Philippines Follow Suit? Education of Children and Youth has been Devastated by Pandemic Lockdown Measures!

My Government Turned Me Into An Anti-vaxxer.

Covid Call to Humanity Publishes Open Letter Thanking President Marcos for Lifting Covid-19 Measures, Raising Concerns with Excess Deaths and Ineffective Pandemic Measures

PSA Has New Data Drop on 15 September Updating the January to May 2022 Vital Statistics as of 30 June 2022, as well as Cause of Death Data for the Same Period.

Hong Kong, the latest Kid on the Covid-19 Vaccine Trainwreck Block, Bears Watching as it hits World Leading Vaccination and Booster Uptake Rates.

Covid-19 Pandemic is Ending, not through the actions pushed by Teodros and His WHO & UN Cronies, but by an Avalanche of Incriminating Evidence of Harm that is Too Big to be Overlooked!!

Philippines FDA "Reports of Suspected Adverse Reactions to Covid-19 Vaccines as of 21st August 2022 has Been Released with Critical Clarifications to Avoid Misunderstanding!

Going Against World Trends and The Latest Safety Data Which Shows That Risks Far Outweigh Benefits, Philippines Senator Calling for Vaccination of Babies to Maximize Vaccine Use and Avoid Spoilage!

Expiring Vaccines, Former Expiry Date Unreadable. The WHO Intervention Ladder for Encouraging Vaccine Uptake: Persuasion, Nudges, Incentives, Disincentives, Compulsion. Masking Lifted with Conditions

The Open Letter from CCBPH Submitted to the President and Senate, Lifting of Outdoor Mask Mandates, 3-Month Extension of State of Calamity

The Vaccines Remove / Destroy Natural Immunity! Do They Also Enhance Other Infectious Agents? Does This Help Explain The 2022 Outbreaks of Dengue and Cholera Ongoing in Philippines!

Concerned Filipinos for Life and Liberty and Constitutionally Compliant Businesses Philippines Published a letter Today, Calling out the President of the Philippines Over the Covid-19 Pandemic!

Covid-19 Vaccination And Eugenics; A Solution To Failing Social Security Systems and Disabled and Aging Populations

What A Difference A Day Makes: Palace Agrees with the Lifting of Outdoor Mask Mandates!

Ignoring Mounting International Adverse Safety Reports, The Philippines DOH is Planning a Mass Vaccination Drive from 26 to 30 September 2022.

Philippines DOH States Unequivocally That Deaths Following Covid-19 Vaccination are NOT Due to the Vaccines; They Are Coincidental and Solely Due to Comorbidities.

Questioning Population Vital Statistics

Fertility Specialist Dr. McLindon Presentation On Covid-19 And Covid-19 Vaccination!

16 August 2022: UK Changes Their Guidelines On Vaccination Of Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women To Withdraw Vaccination Recommendations, And To Recommend Pregnancy Screening Prior To Vaccination!

2021 Vital Statistics Released on 13 August 2022 Are Effective As Of March 2022.

Task Force Edward Formed; To Commercialize the Covid-19 Vaccines In The Philippines

ABS Has Released Mortality Data Up to 29 May 2022; 10,535 (16.8%) Excess Deaths Concentrated In Older Australians, Particularly Men!

Have Government Health Bodies Ignored the "Informed" part of "Informed Consent"

Philippines FDA Pharmacovigilance Reporting on Suspected Adverse Reaction Following Covid-19 Vaccination at 6 August 2022. Comparison with US VAERS Reporting! Mass Under Capture of Events is Evident.

The Philippines Public Attorney's Office (PAO) Calls On The Commission On Higher Education (CHED) To Lift The Vaccine Mandates That They Have Imposed Upon College Students.

What Have We Done To The Children? Peer Reviewed Thai Study Found Nearly 30% Of Children Had Cardiac Signs and Symptoms Following A Second Dose of The Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine.

COVID-19 Booster Doses Are Associated With 7 - 10% Rises In All Cause Excess Mortality In New Zealand Study!

Release Of The Philippines 2022 Vital Statistics On 18 August 2022 (as of 31 May '22), Shows that January 2022 Deaths Are 17.3% Higher Than Forecast; 19.2% Higher than January 2021! RAISE THE ALARM!

Philippines Summary Of The 2021 Registered Deaths, Excess Mortality, And Covid-19 Deaths; Overall And By Region Is Provided.

President Marcos Jr. Received A Second Booster Dose Of The Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Today, Along With His 28 YO Son Sandro Marcos.

BARMM Has Been Decimated: 23% Excess Deaths In 2020. 91% Excess Deaths in 2021! In 2021, Lanao Del Sur Had 160% and Maguindanao had 212% Excess Deaths!

Region XIII Caraga Had No Excess Deaths in 2020, But Soaring Deaths In 2021. Overall Excess Deaths Exceeded Covid-19 Deaths By 4.6x And Were 35% Above Forecast Levels With 5,980 Excess Deaths.

The Cat Was Right! The Vaccine Have Not Delivered On Any Promise. They Increase Infections! They Are Not Safe, They Are Not Effective.

Region XII Soccsksargen Had 9,412 Excess Deaths 40.1% Above Forecast Levels. It Only Had 1,059 Deaths Attributed to Covid-19.

Vanden Bossche Joined The CDCPH Weekly Huddle on 13th August. Links And A Summary By Guest Writer Barry Murrell Are Provided.

Region XI Davao Had No Excess Deaths in 2020, but 10,801 Excess Deaths in 2021, 3.6x Higher Than Their Reported Covid-19 Deaths. If It Wasn't Covid-19 Causing Deaths, What Was It?

Updated Release of 2021 Vital Statistics Show A Total of 879,429 Registered Deaths and 1,364,739 Registered Births. Cause Of Death As Of 31 May 2022 Released.

CDC: Covid Is Over, Natural Immunity Recognized! Philippines All Cause Mortality Shows There Never Was A Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, 2021 or 2022. Respiratory Deaths Were Well Within Typical Levels.

Region X Northern Mindanao Had No Excess Deaths in 2020. It had 7,337 Excess Deaths in 2021, which is 26.4% Above Forecast Levels. However, These Deaths Happened In 4 Months: July to October.

Region VIII Eastern Visayas had 7,084 Excess Deaths in 2021, 25.9% Higher Than Forecast. All Provinces Showed Excess Deaths in 2021 Ranging from 10 - 42% Above Forecast.

How Many Deaths and Injuries Per 100 Doses of Vaccine?

Region IX Zamboanga Peninsula Had No Excess Deaths In 2020. It had 6,836 Excess Deaths in 2021, which is 32.3% Higher Than Forecast Levels.

Region VII Central Visayas Shows 24% Higher Deaths Than Forecast with 14,969 Excess Deaths. There Were Large Variabilities In % Of Excess Deaths Across Cities / Provinces (18-71%).

The Provinces and Industrialized Cities in Region VI Western Visayas Have Excess Deaths in 2021 Ranging from 12 to 61% Above Forecast Levels.

Unvaccinated Foreigners Not Permitted to Enter Philippines? Or Must They, In Common With Any Unvaccinated Person Entering The Philippines, Undergo Facility and Then Home Based Quarantine for 14-Days?

Region V Bicol. 10,432 Excess Deaths (28% Above Forecast Levels) in 2021 vs. 865 Covid-19 Attributed Deaths. Excess Deaths All Started In March to April 2021 And Soared By September.

Region IV-B Mimaropa: The 2021 Excess Deaths Started Later Than In Luzon. Both Covid-19 and Excess Deaths Started In April Built Slowly And Then Soared Through To September.

Speaking Out In the Mainstream: Articles by Columnist Dr. Rafael Castillo and Atty. Jemy Gatula Caught My Attention In the Past Few Days.

Philippines Excess Mortality: when taken for 2021 is at 33.1%. But When Taken Covering Vaccine Rollout From March 2021 and up to the Completed Data as of September 2021 Shows 64% Excess Mortality.

Case Study: Region IV-A Calabarzon. Peak Deaths in September 2021 were 2 to 3.4x Higher Than in 2019! Deaths Show Progressive Escalations; 66% Above Forecast Between March and September!

Case Study: Central Luzon, Philippines. In August and September of 2021, Region III Provinces had 2 - 3.2x 2019 Death Rates. There were 33,704 excess deaths, 43.3% Higher Than Forecast.

Philippines Case Study: Cordillera Administrative Region.

All Cause Mortality in National Capital Region in 2020 and 2021 Cities, Compared Against Forecast Mortality Using 2015-2019 Data, and Covid-19 Deaths.

Philippines Case Study #3: Region II (Cagayan Valley) Comparison of Historical Death Rates, Excess Mortality in 2021, and Covid-19 Deaths

Philippines Case Study No. 2: Ilocos Region; Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Pangasinan. There Were No Excess Deaths in 2020 but 48% in 2021. Excess Deaths/Covid-19 Deaths Multiplier was 8.5.

Study of 2021 Excess Deaths by Major Metropolitan Manila Cities. Case Study 1: Pasig City

ABS Data Shows Massacre of Australian Elderly; Increased Causes of Death Identified Include Covid-19, Dementia, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer

Spikology: The Medical Specialty Dealing With The Pathologies Caused By The Toxic Spike Protein

PHP5.1 Billion of Covid-19 Vaccines Expired in July 2022! Lack of Planning For Delivery or Lack of Demand? Perhaps Both.

The Philippines Says Farewell to Statesman Fidel V. Ramos Who Died Of Covid-19 Complications.

Mga Bata (The Children): Where Is The Greater Risk: Covid-19 Or Vaccine? I Present That The Balance Is Entirely On The Risk Side! Many Are Calling For A Halt! Will They Be Heard? Will Parents Pause?

More NSW Data Evaluation: Vax'd Have 5.62x Risk Multiplier of Hospitalization and Death vs Unvax'd. The 4 Dosed Have Overall 13.1x Risk Multiplier vs Unvax'd. It cannot be Plainer or more Devastating!

New South Wales Australia Started 4th Booster Doses on 24th of May 2022, Hospitalization and Deaths Rose in Lockstep with Dose Delivery with Covid-19 Cases Seen in the 4x boosted by 28th May.

2nd Boosters For 50 and Above, 18 and Above with Cormorbidities. Only Pfizer and Moderna Products are Approved as Boosters.

The Panda WHO Reveiw!

DOH Says 2022 is not 2020 Too! Why then is the same old strategy being used? PinasLakas - Strong Philippines! Vax and Boost to the Max!

Fertility Issues; Senior Australian Dr. Reported to have been Sacked for Refusing C-19 Jab and for Trying to Publish Data Showing that 74% of Vaccinated Women in His Practice Suffer Miscarriage.

Davao Del Norte Executive Order. All People 5 Years & Older Must Vaccinated & Fully Boosted, When Eligible, To Access School, Market, Church, All Services. QR Coding Mandatory In All Establishments.

WHO's Tedros Has Declared Monkey Pox A Global Health Emergency on 23 July 2022, Overriding the Advice Of His Expert Committee!

Stop! Don't Take Any More Than You Already Have! NSW Data Shows That Double Boosted Persons Are Faring Dreadfully; Infected, Sick, and Dying! World Data Shows Worse Than Ever Covid-19 Scenario!

Covid-19 Infections in Philippines are Mild; Currently More Deaths Reported Post Vaccine Than Post-Covid-19 Infection. Why The Push to Boost and Double Boost? Expiring Vaccines?

Sharing Slides and Presentation from Dr. McCullough Via Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Both Brilliant Inestimable Men.

President Marcos is Pushing Booster Shots on the Population. Do His Graphs Support This Push?

Get Jabbed and Boosted or You Must Keep Wearing Masks. Get Boosted and Alert Levels May Be Adjusted or Improved! Comply to Win Back Your Freedoms!

mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles, Spike Proteins, Gonads, Sexual Maturity, Woke Ideology

More Covid-19 Vaccines, More Covid-19 Boosters do NOT Mean Better Outcomes. They Seem to Result in the Very Opposite Outcome in ALL of the Publicly Available Data.

MGA Bata (The Children): Back to Face to Face School in the Philippines. Normal, Or Not So Normal Schooling? Parents Please Update Yourself On Whether This is What You Will Accept For Your Children!

Age Stratification of Covid-19 Deaths in the Philippines Shows that Covid-19 Deaths Increased in Each Age Group Following The Introduction of Covid-19 Vaccines to That Group.

Vice President Sarah Duterte, Department of Education Secretary, Calls For Mandatory Return to Face to Face Learning to Address Learning Loss.

Publication of Successful Ivermectin Treatment Trial in the Philippines!

3rd Time Not Lucky - Breaking Vaccine - Myocarditis News!

Preliminary Review of UK ONS All-Cause Mortality Data by Time Since Vaccine Dose Shows Trends of Increasing Deaths Which Are Not Seen In The Never Vaccinated Groups.

DOH: Vaccines Save Lives! How do they know? An FOI has revealed they don't track this! International data proves Covid-19 illness and deaths have moved very much into heavily vaccinated populations!

We were able to improve and increase our vaccination efforts by implementing different nudges... incentive and disincentive scheme... we can do this again..

The Philippines Media and Their Self Anointed Experts Continue The Relentless Push for Mandated Covid-19 Vaccines and Boosters.

As Dengue Cases are Rising in The Philippines, Health Experts Are Calling for Reconsideration of the Use of the Dengvaxia Vaccine.

Sharing Update on Philippines Covid-19 Vaccine Situation as of 26 July 2022, and Population Data for 2021 as of 28 February 2022. Preliminary data for January 2022 is provided.

Philippines Media And "Experts" Are Bearing False Witness Calling For Mandatory Boosters; Forgetting That These Are Toxic EUA Products And No Law Exists to Allow These To Be Mandated!

The Philippines Department of Health is NOT Tracking the Covid-19 Vaccination Status of Persons Diagnosed With or Reported as Dying From Covid-19! Does This Represent Gross Dereliction of Duties?

Natural Immunity is Far Superior Than Vaccine Immunity and Comes Without Repeated Infections, Without Devastating Side Effects, and Without The Genetic Modification Which Is Now Confirmed!

The Vaccinated President of The Philippines, Currently Sick With Covid-19 for the Second Time, Calls for Ramped Boosting to Create a Wall of Immunity. Targeting of Children Who are Already Immune!

Free, Safe, and Effective! The Philippines Department of Health are asking parents to booster their healthy 12 yo children. Safe and Effective? The medical literature says it is not!

International Data Show That The More You Vax, The More Cases and Deaths You Will Have! The Philippines Has A Small Window Of Opportunity To Act To Stop A Similar Catastrophe!

Not Unicorns and Rainbows - A Tiyanak! A Manananggal?

Links to the CDCPH Weekly Huddle with Dr. Peter McCullough on 2nd July 2022. Philippines Covid-19 Situation Update.

Philippines at 26 June 2022: 154,132,506 Doses, 103,426 Reported AEFI (+409), 8,714 SAE (+80), 2500 Deaths (+23, 29% of SAE),

PSA 2022 Vital Statistics and Cause of Death Data as of 30th April 2022 was released on 30th June 2022. 1st Quarter 2022 Data is Incomplete Hindering Assessment of Population Trending and COD.

Need to Come Up with New Strategies to Lure More Filipinos to get Vaccinated, particularly the Booster Shots.

A Myocarditis Rate of 3.7% of Vaccine Recipients has been Identified through Questionnaire of His Readers by Independent Researcher Steve Kirsch.

Philippines Commentary: Is there an explanation for SADS? Is it time that the Covid-19 Genetic Modification Vaccines are Blamed?

Philippines: What will happen when a Successful Family Planning Campaign meets the Covid-19 Pandemic Intervention? Accruing 2022 International Data Shows Plummeting Birthrates? Population Collapse?

Australia has 24% increased mortality in senior adults aged 75 and older in the first 12 weeks of 2022, a total of 5,463 out of the 6,323 excess deaths above baseline.

Analysis of Philippines DOH Covid-19 Tracking Data at 11 June 2022: Total Deaths, Age and Gender Distribution by year, and Positive Specimen Collection Relative to Date of Death.

Deaths Reported Following Vaccination (AEFI) Exceed Deaths Attributed to Covid-19 For April and May of 2022

New Preprint Study Finds Serious Vaccine AEFI Are So Common That The Benefit-Risk Analysis is Negative. Covid-19 Vaccine Harm More Than They Help.

Impact on Male Fertility is Confirmed. Two Doses Impairs Sperm Quality.

Philippines Authorizes Booster Dose of Pfizer-BioNtech for Immunocompromised Adolescent Population at Least 28 Days after Completion of Primary Series

Cebu Update on Cases and Deaths

Upside Down! We have forgotten what we knew. Healthy is now sick, and injured is normal. Speech is censored, but our silence will be deadly.

Unspeakable Study Fraud by Pfizer on Covid-19 Vaccines for Infants and Children, Abetted by the Regulators. Our Children are the Losers! We will be too when our children are Harmed!

There is no evidence that there was an infectious pandemic in the Philippines in 2020 even with the acknowledged "more pathogenic" alpha variant! Delta and omicron were less pathogenic.

Philippines IATF Insists that Minimum Public Health Standards should be Maintained to Prevent Covid-19 Infections: Vaccinate, Booster, and Mask Wear!

Philippines DOH Secretary Calls for Vaccination of Under 5s with mRNA "Vaccines" Designed for 2019 Variant after daily increase of 239 Covid-19 Cases

Iatrogenesis - The Creation of Disease and Infection through Medical Intervention

Philippines Covid-19 News for 14 June 2021

Philippines FDA Pharmacovigilance Report from 30 May - 5th June 2022 adds 44 Additional Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination. When Will FDA Recall These EUA Products?

Cebu's Governor Gwen has issued an EO Lifting Outdoor Mask Mandates, Bringing this issue to the Public View. DILG is Determined to Contest Her.

Estimation of Possible AEFI Underreporting Factor in the Philippines [REVISED]


Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

Philippines Health Secretary: 1st Booster should be Mandatory

Would You Like a Serve of Dementia along with Your Experimental Medication?

A Tale of Two Countries: There is No Possible Explanation Except That Covid-19 Vaccination and Boosting is Directly Driving Infections and Fatalities Now

Putting Covid-19 Infection in the Philippines into Perspective

End The State of Calamity = No more EUA vaccines or meds.

Philippines Popcom Says 2020 and 2021 Low Birthrates and Lowered Population Growth are Demographic Transition.

Humans have Lost Survival Instinct as we Sacrifice our Young on the Altar of Pharma, to Authority, in Deafening Silence!

Walgreens Tracker: More Doses More than 5 Months Ago = More Covid-19 Infections

New Vital Australian Population Statistics for January and February 2022 released showing a 340% increase in excess deaths vs. 2021, which also showed excess deaths.

How do we assess safety? We compare Covid-19 Vaccines to all previous vaccines!

Philippines Covid-19 Vaccination Pharmacovigilance Hits a Grim Milestone of 100,114 Reports of Adverse Reaction Following Immunization (AEFI) on 15th May 2022

US CDC Setting Up a Country Office in The Philippines

Covid-19 Vaccines are Killing Children Directly and Indirectly

Suddenly there was Monkey Pox! Is this a distraction? Will it follow the Zikka playbook and disappear quietly, or will it follow the C-19 playbook and give us another pandemic and manic restrictions?

PSA 1st Data Drop on Vital Statistics for 2022 on 17th May 2022 reveals little due to still incomplete data.

WHO Pandemic Treaty Threatens National Sovereignty

Nicanor Perlas on the Petition Filing at the Philippines Supreme Court last 12 May 2022

3x More Covid-19 Deaths in the Philippines in the 2nd Year of the Pandemic after the Vaccine Rollout. % of Deaths Increased in Younger Age Groups and in Women.

Philippines Supreme Court Filing Against IATF Today 12th May 2022, including TRO Plea Against Vaccines.

What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Efficacy is Proven to be Poor! Safety is Rising as a Key Concern. US Regulators Limit J&J Use. Others will Follow!

There were No Excess Deaths in the Philippines in 2020. There were also No Excess deaths from Respiratory Illness, Even When Combined with C-19 Attributed Deaths.

Covid-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Safety

Public Health Decision Making Needs Quality Source Data: Philippines DOH Death Data shows 35% of C-19 Deaths within -7 to 1 day of a Positive Test. This does Not Match C-19 Disease Natural History.

Australian All-Cause Mortality up by 22% in January 2022

The Heart of the Matter! Recent Large Scale Studies Confirm Pericarditis and Myocarditis, and Cardiovascular Events Link to the C-19 mRNA Vaccines!

The Omicron Subvariant BA.2.12 Arrived in the Philippines 4 weeks ago. It was Announced Yesterday and is being Used to Drive the Vax to the Max, Booster to the Max to Save Yourself Campaign!

Mga Bata (The Children)! C-19 Infection is Mild in Children: Recovered Children are Well-Protected from Future C-19 Infection! C-19 Vaccination Carries Considerable Risks! Parents Please Research!

Preprint Paper Identifies Immune Suppression from Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines.

2nd Booster Rollout Started in the Philippines on 25th April 2022 in an Effort to Prevent a Feared Possible Future Resurgence of Covid-19 Infections

Sharing: COVID Requiem Aeternam

How to Report a Suspected Adverse Reaction Following Covid-19 Vaccination in the Philippines

January to November 2021 has 244,524 Additional Deaths than the same period in 2020. There is Nothing Normal About the Death Patterns.

Case Study: All Cause Mortality Negros Oriental

Mga Bata (The Children)! Britain's Children are Faring Poorly. There is No Data Available to Assess Outcomes for Children in the Philippines.

Protection of Our Young is of the Highest Importance.

Two Mutually Exclusive Narratives.

How to Address Expiring Vaccine Stocks? It is Simple! Change the definition of Vaccinated, Tie Lockdown Level to Population Vaccination Status, and Appeal to Frugality to Avoid Waste.

Insurance Companies are Raising the Alarm

Philippines FDA Covid-19 pharmacovigilance reports conclude that there is no "basis for revising the current recommendations regarding the use of Covid-19 vaccinations"

Philippines Preliminary Cause of Death (COD) Data as of 31st January 2022.

Mga Bata! (The Children!) A discussion on the reported mortality from both natural covid-19 infections and in the post-vaccine pharmacovigilance studies on the 5 - 17 age groups.

In 2021 Philippines had 232,660 Excess Deaths as of the 28 February 2022 PSA Preliminary Birth, Marriage and Death Statistics.

3.46x Increase in Covid-Attributed Deaths in the 12 months after 1st March 2021 - Series No. 3

Integrity. Dignity. Community

Evaluation of Philippines Covid-19 by Date of Death Data: A Cebu Case Study - Series 2

5th April Study Out of Israel Shows 4th Dose Booster Efficacy Falls Rapidly Within 6 weeks.

Evaluation of Philippines Covid-19 Death Data @ 26 March 2022 - 1st in Series

The Heart of the Matter

Is this the end of Professional Sport?

Redefining Primary Series as 3-Doses, and then a 4th Booster

Natural Immunity Trumps Vaccine only Immunity and Hybrid (Vaccine + Infection)

Change the Definition of Fully Vaxxed to Force Booster Uptake before C-19 Vaccines Expire

New Spike in May After the Election as Predicted by IATF?

CFR Varies Widely in the Philippines, and Internationally

Pediatric Covid-19 Infection and Adverse Events Profile in the Philippines.

Are We Schizophrenic?

The Dose Makes the Poison

No Adverse Events Reported to DOH Following Excess Shots

When will Philippines FDA Recognize the Alarm Signal?

The WHO Criteria to Confirm AEFI Causality are met!

Australia is doing brilliantly in terms of excess mortality during the pandemic... or is it?

Do More C-19 Vaccines Injected Result in Less Cases?

What is not Suspected Cannot be Reported, Monitored, or Acted Upon!

Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting in The Philippines

PCR Testing in Philippines

Why are the Covid-19 Vaccines Still being Pushed in the Philippines? 4th Mass Vaccination Drive Ongoing 10-12 March 2022.

Why is The Philippines Doing Worse than other Countries?

Euromomo Week 7, 2022

22 Feb 2022 - Updated Birth and Death Data from Philippines Statistics Authority. Still Alarming!

The Omicron Wave is Almost Over in the Philippines

Philippines 2021 updated Population Excess Death Data (up to September 2021) shows unprecedented excess deaths.

Have the Professional Educators Lost their minds?

Philippines 2018 - 2020 Deaths by Ages

Philippines "Forecast" vs Actual Deaths for 2020, Updated 2021 Deaths (to September 2021)

Vaccination of children 5 - 11 YO to start in the Philippines on 7th February 2022

Precautionary Principle

PSA New Data Drop @ 26 January 2022

Response to Popcom Article on Excess Deaths and Reduced Births

Paid Infographic Published In Philippines Daily Inquirer

Philippines Population Loss in 2021

Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Data Drop

Presentation in Philippines 15th January 2022

Presenting Findings Publicly Tonight

Philippines Further Evaluation of Birth and Death Data

Correlation of Excess Deaths with Vaccine Deployment in the Philippines in 2021

Devolution of a Pandemic


A Dive into Philippines 3 Year Death Data, by Region

Registered Birth Data - Philippines